HAR KI DUN – My First Trek

Har ki dun was my first ever trek. It was in the yearly months of 2014 when I got inclined towards adventure sports like mountaineering and trekking. I booked my first ever trek in the summers, when I had my summer break, to Kashmir great lakes from IndiaHikes. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the trek a month before it commencement due to some unforeseen events. After that, there was a long break before another trek and I was in the November when I registered myself again or HAR KI DUN batch 24th January 2015.

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HAR KI DUN – Har Ki Doon Valley is a cradle shaped hanging valley in the Garhwal Himalayas. It is surrounded by snow-covered peaks and alpine vegetation. It is connected to Baspa Valley by the Borasu Pass. This valley is at an altitude of approx. 3500m above mean sea level and is snow-covered during October to March. The valley is around 25 km from Taluka. The trek to the valley starts from Taluka village and passes through Gangaad, Osala, and Seema.

har-ki-dun-24th-jan-2015-team-collageOur trek group – Trek lead Saranbir Singh, Trek crew, Soumendra, Ishan, Gautham, Ravindra, Mahendra, Prabhu, Vijay, Amitkumar Singh, Anagh, myself, Rajesh, Guna, Mahaveer and Gangaji(Trek crew), Prashant, Aditya, Amit Vichare, Bhagwan, Eapen, Shubhayan, Souradip, Chaitanya, Dharani, Sabina,Raksha and Surbhi.

Trek itinerary-

Day 1: Arrive at Dehradun, pick-up for Sankri

Day 2: Sankri to Gangad

Day 3: Gangad to Osla

Day 4: Osla to Har Ki Dun

Day 5: Har Ki Dun to Jaundhar (Jamdar) Glacier & back to camp

Day 6: Har Ki Dun to Osla

Day 7: Osla to Sankri

Day 8: Drive back to Dehradun.

My setback– Due to heavy rainfall during 26th to 29th January, heavy snow further on the route, our trek and my first trek was called off and we trekked to and around Osla. Though, the trek remains incomplete but still it is my one of the most memorable trip, my first adventure and a great experience of outdoors.

P.s- Day-wise detailed articles coming soon.

Source- My great experience, http://www.bgbaligatraveldiary.com (blog of a trek mate), Wikipedia.

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