The day begins around 6:30 A.M, we woke up to the fresh mountain air and an awesome view of hills. Sankri was the last place where we would get electricity and cell connectivity beyond that we were out of the reach of technology so, we charged all our phone and camera battery.


We had morning tea and breakfast, a quick briefing for the trek, geared up and left Sankri in our jeep to our starting point i.e. Taluka. Saranbir (trek leader) distributed gators, shoe spikes, and an Eco-bag to everyone. Eco bag is a small green bag which we would tie around our waist and collect plastic junk to leave the mountains cleaner

On or way, appreciating the landscape,we witnessed a landslide and we got stuck. it was 10:20 AM, when we got stuck. As per trek leader instructions, we started our trek for the day from landslide point which is just 1 Km from Taluka village. Took little break then started trek around 10:45 AM. It was bright sunny day with Har ki dun naala (stream) was flowing left side of the jeep trail.

We reached Taluka at around 11:00 and we are again briefed about Har ki dun and how to use the trekking gear like trekking pole and how staying in groups helps the trek and enjoyment. Finally, we started our trek around 11:30 to our destination of the day, Gangad village.

It was my first taste of trekking and man, it was amazing. The trail was full of ups and downs with patch of snow and lush green forest which assured something great is waiting us ahead.

team resting at Bidaka

We reached a small point called Bidaka at around 12:30 pm and took a much needed break. It was a beautiful flat ground surrounded by the mighty mountains and accompanied my Har ki dun nala, fresh running mountain stream. We rested for 20 min before we took off for Gangad.

Walk into the woods.

After Bidaka it got even better, soon we started crossing wooden bridges to cross the stream and trust me it felt so amazing to walk on them which seems a ‘simple’ and ‘non-amazing’ thing.

Me crossing wooden bridge.

Before the final stretch we again took a small break of about 20 min and this time it was completely in the snow.

Ganad village with an awesome background. (pic by co trekker)

Finally, after a trek of 5-6 hours we reached or destination Gangad home stay around 5:30 in the evening. it was a wooden shack with for rooms two below and two above. the horses, who were carrying or food supplies and stff stayed in the ground floor and us trekkers stayed on the first floor. we divided equally in two party one for each room and then placed our heavy backpacks to reserve our seats.

our home stay at Gangad. (pic by co-trekker)

We rested for few minutes, had tea then explored the village before the sun was set. They were very kind-hearted and treated us extremely well. Then something amazing happened, small white crystals started to descend! and we knew today  it’s our lucky day. After dark we had dinner and send or day resting and having fun.

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